REST APIs for Oracle Database, everything you need to know

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GET, POST, PUT, DELETE your way in and out of Oracle Database.

This is my Resource page for developers wanting to interact with an Oracle Database or it’s contents with HTTPS and/or REST APIs.

Oracle makes the following technology and interfaces available, for free, for its databases.

  1. REST APIs – for your data
  2. REST APIs – for database instance management & monitoring
  3. REST SQL – REST API for ad hoc SQL against Oracle or MySQL
  4. Oracle Database API for MongoDB
  5. SODA for REST, REST APIs for your JSON Document Store
  6. SQL Developer Web
  7. Middle Tier for APEX
  8. PL/SQL Gateway, a replacement for MOD_PLSQL

How does it work?

Our free mid-tier Java application provides access to your Oracle Database via HTTPS. Your GET and POST requests are received and responses are generated by harnessing the power of SQL and PL/SQL executed in the database. Responses are RESTful – they are rich with resource links, proper HTTPS status codes, and JSON bodies.

Developers can either request their resources be made available via REST automatically (no code required), or can write their own REST APIs by simply providing the SQL or PL/SQL behind the endpoints.

POST an item in my movies collection via REST API (app shown is Insomnia)

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)

The technology making this possible is commonly know as ‘ORDS.’

ORDS can accommodate one or more of your databases. HTTPS requests are routed to the appropriate database, the appropriate database code is executed, and results are returned, formatted as JSON and accompanied with HTTPS status codes, headers, and links.

REST APIs backed by SQL statements are automatically paginated.

HTTPS request and response



A resource page is useless without resources! I have over 160 posts on all things REST APIs for your database, so I put together these lists to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

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DBAPI – Managing your Oracle Instance

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