One of the new features in version 4.2 of SQL Developer is the ability to work with your ORDS Restful Services directly in the database tree.

Here’s a video demo…

Features via Screenshot

Some of you don’t have access to YouTube at work (or at home apparently), so here’s a quick snapshot.

oracle rest data services modules
Note the ‘REST Data Services’ item on the tree.

As you make changes here, the REST Services, assuming they’re published and ORDS is actually running, are affected immediately.

I really like this part, if you know SQL or PL/SQL, you can create a RESTful Service.

See my other recent ORDS posts to get an idea of what you can do in terms of defining parameters, defining POST or PUT handlers, etc.


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  1. I have already worked with that. But I can’t separate configuration between ords and different server.
    Please help me . How can I do that ?


  2. jon nelson Reply

    Any help on something simple like updating a table in oracle cloud would be appreciated. I would like to run a sql statement but am having difficulty connecting to a table with oracle sql developer. I am able to see the table in bi

    • jon nelson

      hcm cloud version 12. Most articles say we arent able to issue update sql to those tables. The table I am trying to fix is pay_all_payrolls_f in the fusion schema. Is it possible to use rest api to run a sql command? thanks

    • No idea. I’m not sure they have ORDS up and running there for folks to build custom REST APIs or not. The apps side of the house is a completely different line of business.


      I would be EXTREMELY surprised if they let you do that.

      Have you considered opening a support ticket to get your table fixed?

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