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  1. Hi Jeff,

    If I have a chart report which has a table child report, is there a way for the child report’s query to have access to a column that is returned by the main report’s query, but is not used in the graph?

    In other words, the main report’s query returns columns for the group, series and value, and one additional column that is not used by the graph. Is there a bind that is available to the child report’s query for the previously mentioned additional column? or is there some other way or method to pass an additional parameter to the child report?

  2. I noticed this:
    When there are more than one database_id’s (caused by e.g cloning) the AWR report viewer in the DBA tab is not working anymore, it’s possible to choose a database id, but there will never show up any snapshot id.
    When there’s only one known database id it’s working OK. It is not a AWR issu, on sqlplus we can create the reports we want.
    I tried sqldeveloper 4.x(…), 18.4 , 19.1 and 19.2 on windows 7/10 with Oracle database 12 and 18.
    Could you confirm this behavior ?

    Kind Regards,
    Tom Breed

    • thatjeffsmith

      yes it’s a known bug – and it’s been fixed, but unfortunately too late for version 19.3

      the fix will be available in 19.4

  3. Since I upgraded SQL Developer 19.2 saved connections are lost forcing me to create connections all over again and again for subsequent sessions.

    • Thanks Jeff,downloaded SQL Developer with 64 bit JDK Included.Deleting SQL Developer folders in C:\User\***\AppData\Roaming\…. fixed the issue.

  4. Hi Jeff, going crazy as I try to edit a BLOB via SQL Developer. Following your instructions (among many!), but when I get to the “pencil” icon, it only opens a VIEW window, not an EDIT window. what am i missing?!?!?

    • Correct. Following:

      Find your table
      The BLOB cell will say (BLOB)
      Hit the ‘pencil’ button
      Opens VIEW VALUE window

    • thatjeffsmith

      are you SURE it’s a table, and not a view?

      version of oracle db, sql developer, and java?

      try creating a new table with a blob in it, and see if you can add a file to a new record

    • yep, its a table! created a new table, same issue. happening on all fields, not just BLOB’s. database is Oracle For SQL Developer, i normally use V3.1.07 with Java 1.6. Thought that was old, so I installed SQL Dev V18.4 with Java 1.8 – issue happens in both. running on a Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1)64-bit PC

    • thatjeffsmith

      Java6 and 3.1 are ancient.

      Java 8 and 18.4 are..old.

      But it should be working, even on 11204.

      Windows 7 is getting killed by MSFT soon – you should probably upgrade off of that as well.

      You see any messages/errors written to the Log panel?

    • found this:

      SEVERE 107 0 oracle.ide.extension.HashStructureHook Unexpected runtime exception while delivering HashStructureHookEvent

    • thatjeffsmith

      yeah i see that error too on my 11204 box, but the feature is working for me

      I’m stumped.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I’m trying to build on the custom card.js sqlformat.
    How can I include the column name before displaying the value?

    instead of:
    ROW 1
    I want:
    ROW 1

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Madani BASHA Reply

    Hello Jeff
    My question is about SQLDeveloper Data Modeller (abbr SDDM).
    I have recently started using SDDM 19.2 0.182. I am a long time ERwin user.
    I am developing a “Logical Model”.
    I need to define a “Node” entity to represent a hierarchy.
    The attributes are node_id (pk), node_name, sw_apex.
    I added a non-identifying 1-to-M relationship, which resulted in the entity getting an extra attribute named node_id1. This is as one expect. However, for better readability, I wish to rename the node_id1 as parent_node_id.
    How do I achieve this?
    The Release 18.2 User Guide did not help.
    Thanks for your help. – Madani

  7. Hi!
    We’re trying out the Oracle JDBC REST driver. Is there a way to establish SSL connection without certificate validation? Let’s say I don’t want to change ORDS settings and don’t have access to Java environment configuration. Is there some way to achieve that?

  8. Quick one, hopefully. Looks like the 19.2 ords.war isn’t included in the 19.2 sqldeveloper build. Is that correct, and should I expect that to be the case in the future?

    • thatjeffsmith

      yes, we quit shipping ords with SQL Developer with v19.2, there should be a release note for that

      you can still download ords separately and use SQL Dev’s installer wizard to get it going though

    • Yes, just have to change *my* release notes too. thanks for the quick reply.

  9. Satinderpal Reply

    Hi Jeff,


    We are exporting table data to CSV via a GET service. Some of the text fields contain special, carriage returns and line feed characters.

    This results in scewed csv file with carriage return fields appearing on a new line which messes up the processing of the file.

    We have tried to put quotes “” around the text but this results in the consumer having quotes displayed on their system.

    Any suggestion or any way to configure anything in ORDS config for this?



    • thatjeffsmith

      Your problem is you’re using the wrong format for your data – having carriage returns in your strings means you essentially can’t use CSV.

      I would look at using xml, json, or even a CLOB to transfer that data to your application.

  10. Amin Adatia Reply

    I export the Connections File and Encrypt the Passwords with a Key. Try to import in v19.1 or 18.4 and I get an “error” that the Key is not the same — I have verified by doing this twice in exporting the connections. Importing into v19.2 works with the Key. The file format is json.

    • thatjeffsmith

      we changed the password encryption kit, so you can’t downgrade 19.2 exported connections

    • Correct. Following:

      Find your table
      The BLOB cell will say (BLOB)
      Hit the ‘pencil’ button
      Opens VIEW VALUE window

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