I have a RESTful Service that accepts a bind value to a query that ORDS will run for me.

How do I pass that bind to ORDS?

You can do it explicitly be defining it as part of the URI.

Or, you can use the classic web ?var=value to pass it.

ORDS supports both 🙂

Both Services run the same SQL

The only difference is the URI itself.

So how do I pass the ID on the simpler URI?

Easy, just include it on the call.

pass things in as needed/required

So, which one to use? I imagine it’s a matter of personal preference. For me the former seems more COLLECTION/RESOURCE-RESTy, and the latter seems more flexible.


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  1. Thanx man. You saved my life after migrating to Apex 18 from 4.2. I cannot change other external application behavior with REST calls with “old style” URI templates and I was terrified after getting “URI Template may contain only alphabetic, numeric, underscore, dash, period, and forward slash characters, or may contain a single trailing asterisk.” message from REST modules designer… Now I know how to design them I can still use “old style” URI call 🙂

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