Instead of doing my normal ‘most popular posts’ review from the past year, this time around I wanted to share the posts that I had the most fun putting together. Consider these ‘hidden gems’ or interesting items that may have missed your radar the first time around.

My ‘popular’ posts where around product updates and releases, if you’re interested in finding those, just use ye olde search bar.


How much time did my daughter waste watching Grey’s Anatomy?

I show how to download your Netflix subscriber data, and use SQL to answer fun questions.

Turns out it was a lot of hours

Troubleshooting ORDS startup errors, ‘the pool is invalid’

ORDS won’t start, won’t work – how do I fix it?

Creating an ORDS REST API in a single call

Can I create a module, template, and handler all in one go? Yes, yes you can!


Data Pump and SQL Developer Web, importing in Autonomous

Point and click your way through doing a data pump IMPORT task in SQL Developer Web.

We’re working on making this even easier.


REST APIs and Query Parameter examples using EMPLOYEES

Maybe you don’t want all of your employees, maybe you want to filter them, here’s some practical, compound examples.

Clerks ✔️ Salary 2899+ ✔️ Hired after 1997 ✔️

SQLcl and Liquibase DIFF

Did you know you can use the Liqubase DIFF command in SQLcl? Well, now you know.


JSON Relational Duality View AutoREST APIs

The biggest new feature in Database 23c comes with REST API support via ORDS.

REST APIs for managing your JSON Relational Duality Views


SQL Worksheet for any database in the Oracle Cloud

How to get a SQL prompt in your browser for any Oracle (or MySQL) database in the Oracle Cloud console.

TAB Completion in SQLcl

Just hit TAB to get help with your SQL code, at the command prompt using SQLcl.

Showing TAB Completion for DDL/SQL Syntadx

Getting started with our updated SALES_HISTORY (SH) sample schema

We updated all of the sample schemas, here’s a look at getting started with SH.


REST APIs to manage your REST APIs

Yes, you can use REST APIs to update your REST APIs.


Adding PATCH support for JSON Relational Duality View REST APIs

You can now do partial updates via PATCH!

Fancier/Nicer Error Responses

Easier to read, deal with error messages, and yes, you can still default to plain ole text/json responses vs HTML.

Our updated HTML error messages for ORDS.


Diagramming JSON

Can you SHOW ME what my JSON docs look like? Yes, yes I can.

Diagramming your JSON collections using SQL Developer Web.


cURL vs Python: loading data from a file via Oracle REST API

Using cURL or Python program to batch load data to your database tables via REST APIs. Since I’m a n00b when it comes to Python, this one took me awhile.

Using Python to take a local CSV file and use it to populate your Oracle TABLE via REQUESTS


GraphQL Query Examples

This could turn out to be a HUGE thing for our Oracle Database developers and customers. What do you think?

ORDS handles BOTH REST APIs and GraphQL!

JavaScript in the Database Presentation

23c and the Multilingual Engine (MLE) for JavaScript, some slides for you to chew on.


Paging results of your REFCursors from your REST APIs

Your REST API returns data via a PL/SQL stored procedure, here’s how to page the results.

Query Parameter values to a SQL WHERE IN (:list) in your REST APIs

You want to grab specific items from your collection using a REST API with a list of values, here’s how to do it.

It’s a bit tricky, but totally worth learning this SQL technique!


Using JavaScript to create test data in 23c Database

Using the FAKER JavaScript library to generate fake EMPLOYEE records, and inserting a 1,000 new records in a single go.

Generated JS Doc from SQL Developer Web.

Can AI generate Oracle REST APIs?

Where I asked ChatGPT to build me a REST API to do that plsql refcursor paging stuff. Did it work? Kinda.


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