For this release, we concentrated on KILLING BUGs. And we were very successful, closing over 300 items between core ORDS features, SQL Developer Web, and the Data Tools features unique/exclusive to Autonomous Database subscribers.

Download 23.4 and read the ReadMe.

Here are some things you’ll want to mind for 23.4:

  • we’re no longer shipping the release notes with the product downloads/archives
  • while we fixed 301 bugs, we’re only listing the relevant items as far as customers are concerned
  • some of the bug fixes bordered on being enhanced or new features
  • ORDS 23.4 in process of being rolled out to our Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database fleet, now
ORDS 23.4, serving up SQL Developer Web

If you have ORDS configured correctly, you can see now a card to launch the Graphiql application for running GraphQL queries.

And, in the matters of those bug fixes, I’m going to spotlight two of those items, one that you will care about, and one that I care about.

Support for complex types in SQL Developer Web

XML…has been a problem (with our JavaScript rendering) for years, we finally sorted that.

XML display now working as expected in SQL Developer Web

And a trivial thing, Clear Screen works now

I use this all the time, and it was bugging me. If it was bugging you too, now it’s fixed.

SDW - SQL Worksheet now supports the “clear screen” statement, in SQL scripts.
Sadly one of my favorite commands, 😂

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  1. How can we upgrade Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) on an already installed instance with Tomcat and Oracle Application Express (APEX) ? just copy war file to the server?

    • That would update the ords software in tomcat (and would work) but for a ‘full’ upgrade you would also need to run ords cli to upgrade the ORDS_METADATA schema in the database.

  2. Thank you for the good info on Ords here. I just upgraded Ords 21 to 23.4, while they look similar , the CLI for installation and running is different , the config files are different too, more over, the config files do not match latest Ords installation doc,
    # ords –config /etc/ords/config install
    it knows how to upgrade and finished successfully. My 21.2 version used apex.war to change path to /apex and its config was /app/oracle/ords_config. Under the new /etc/ords/config, I only see 2 directories : global/, databases/ , under /global, I only see one file “settings.xml”, there is no other directories like /standalone. So far my Ords23.4 works fine, do I have something to worry about ? settings.xml works fine ( the only config file for me), I also noticed my certificate private key works fine without DER format
    in short, the interview questions from the CLI install seemed somewhat different and does not exactly match the 23.4 documentation , the java options -Dorg.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.maxFormContentSize=3000000 does NOT work anymore ( it’s still in the 23.4 doc but the CLI is ords , not java -jar ), it’s me or the 23.4 doc should get some minor updates? thank you

    • Um, everything changed, in 2022.

      How do you mean the config files don’t match?

      Where are you seeing the bad reference to java -jar vs ords commands in the docs?

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