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So why type 15 characters, when you can type 3, and just hit the TAB key?

If you have one match, tab will auto-complete. If multiple, hit tab again as needed, then enter.

When I ask for something out of the HR schema that starts with ‘EMP’ and hit tab, there are two hits, EMPLOYEES and EMP_DETAILS_VIEW. If I hit the TAB key two more times, I advance the selection to what I want, and then hit ENTER.

Let’s look at this again with a new feature from 23c, which our parser and tool here ‘understands’ or recognizes.

I get KEYWORD completion help as well!

CREATE, DOMAIN, AS, VARCHAR2 – all provided by TAB completion. We walk the syntax wire diagrams and then we know which ‘words’ make sense to follow.

Hey, can we name those constraints on the SQL Domain?

Yes! You can find the SQL Domains docs here, along with the syntax diagrams.

And SQLcl will help me with the syntax, too!

I kept screaming at Gerald, “hit the tab key, you will go faster!”

Interested in learning more about SQL Domains? I have a video for you 🙂

Gerald Venzl takes you on a tour of Database 23c Free Developer Release

Hint: Jump to minute 13 to see the overview/demo on SQL Domains.

Watch the video, give it a like, send any questions you have as comments!

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