I recently presented in the Netherlands! I had two talks, a Keynote about how Oracle is making your data journey both complete AND simple with the Oracle Database, and a technical session demonstrating our Multi-Lingual Engine (MLE)’s JavaScript capabilities – powered by our GraalVM technology and SQL Developer Web!

Our developer experience in SQL Developer Web is quite complete for JavaScript.

Feature include:

  • a dedicated JavaScript Editor
  • Ability to execute JavaScript from a PL/SQL block or build the PL/SQL ‘wrapper’ for you
  • load one or more JavaScript modules to the database
  • manage modules, call specifications, and environments
  • rich editor support for JavaScript code completion, syntax checks, etc
  • generate dependency diagrams
  • generate JavaScript module documentation (Markdown)
  • Post Execution Debugger
  • Work with local files or in the database or both, diff/merge code deltas
  • there’s even more!

Thanks to everyone last week in Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Utrecht for the warm welcome! I should be ‘back to normal,’ this week, so if you’ve been waiting on replies to emails or tweets, I should be attending those, now.

The Slides

If you click in the embed title widget, it’ll take you to the SpeakerDeck page where you can DOWNLOAD the PDF.

Only 36 slides 🙂

Links & Resources Mentioned

Martin demonstrates Debugging JS in the Database

AskTom Office Hours with Connor and Martin Bach from about a month ago. The entire overview is great, but I’ve included the clip where the ‘live demo’ kicks in.

It’s an hour+ long deep dive, but I’ve given your the cheat-code to the demo portion!

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