In case you missed my previous post, Version 23.2 of Oracle REST Data Services dropped a couple of days ago.

One of the minor updates that could have a big impact on your developer experience is our refreshed look and feel HTML Error Pages.

404? These aren’t the JSONs you’re looking for


Version 3 – 23.1


If you’re thinking ‘Redwood’, guilty!

Error with a Message



Notice those Request IDs? Makes it MUCH easier to find the detailed messages in your webserver logs where ORDS is running, even IF that’s Windows.

The timestamps help, too!

Error With Debug/Stack Dump

If you’ve enabled ‘debug print to screen’ –



Enjoy the show!

Now also included, easy ‘copy to clipboard’ and ‘download’ buttons for the error text.

Attention to detail, meet the ORDS Favicon!

Even that’s been modernized. And this isn’t JUST to make things look ‘prettier,’ we wanted the pages to be easier to read AND for them to render/load FASTER.

But Jeff, I don’t want HTML…

We still support that via the Accept header on your requests.

Curious about those ecid tags?

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