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Working with RESTful Services, BLOBs, and Media Types

thatjeffsmith ORDS 2 Comments

Let’s say you have some files, stored as BLOBs, in your database, and you want to make them available via REST. So of course you install Oracle REST Data Services, and now you have two options: REST Enable the table or Deploy a custom RESTful service With the first option, I get an ‘automatic’ REST endpoint for my resource, which …

REST Enabling Your Tables: Insert Rows via POST

thatjeffsmith ORDS 9 Comments

One of the coolest features of Oracle REST Data Services v3.0 and higher, is the ability to REST enable your Oracle tables and views. You get a full REST api on your table – INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, Select with or without predicates and sorting, and getting metadata. You can also batch load records. I’ve talked about the SELECT and GET …

Creating an Oracle REST Data Services User with the ‘SQL Developer’ Role

thatjeffsmith ORDS 17 Comments

Want to publish some RESTful services using SQL Developer and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)? You’re in luck! View > REST Data Services > Development. Before you can do this, a few things. you’ll need to install and run ORDS you’ll need to REST enable a schema you’ll need to have created an ORDS user with the ‘SQL Developer’ role …