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In your ORDS global settings, set the misc.defaultPage parameter to ‘apex’

At this point, APEX will determine the default page that loads from calls to /ords

You’ll need to re-start ORDS, and then you’ll see –

I don’t have static images configured on this machine, because I’m not using APEX…

You can also have an ‘index.html’ in your document root.

My doc root is under my configdir, global directory, in ‘doc_root’

I have an index.html file located in the standalone ORDS doc_root (think, htdocs in apache), so ORDS will load it when calling server:port/

The new landing page will load if I request server:port/ords

APEX will load if i ask for /ords/apex

Let’s sum that up:

Routing Patterns

  • /ords – either redirects to the new Landing page or to APEX based on misc.defaultPage
  • / – serves up index.html in your doc root, if you have one
  • /ords/apex – will launch APEX if APEX is installed
  • /ords/sql-developer- will launch SQL Developer Web (or Database Actions) if enabled



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  1. Thank you , Could you please tell how to do this in Apex Instance

    • Thank you Jeff , I am just started “APEX Application Development Service” in OCI … could you please guide how to access “ORDS global settings”

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