Filter All The Things

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I often spend a lot of time on the ‘cool’ and ‘advanced’ tips and tricks when doing talks for SQL Developer. Today, I’m co-presenting with Helen , and she chose to spotlight a bunch of stuff around filtering. Follow @HelenJSanders I love the topic, but I usually short change the subject in my talks. Today, let’s review all (most??) of …

User Defined Properties in SQL Developer Data Modeler

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There are tons of properties you can set in your design objects. In fact, I discovered a ‘new’ one this week thanks to my friend David. #Oracle #SQLDev Data Modeler users please up vote my feature request to allow additional “display as” components — david schleis (@dschleis) October 12, 2016 Display as…what’s he talking about? Oh, this. But what if …

Top SQL – Seeing What Hurts in the v4.2 Instance Viewer

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We introduced the Instance Viewer in v4.1. We show you in real time what’s happening in your database. To get there, open your DBA panel. Connect. Then go to the Database Status node. Storage bits are interesting, but maybe you’re more excited about the specific workload. So in version 4.2, we’ve added a Top SQL panel to the screen. It …

SQLcl History Demo and How to Extend History Limit

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Twitter wasn’t playing nice, so I’ll just blog this 🙂 Want to extend your history size from 100 statements/scripts? Add this to your login.sql. prompt Bumping up SQL History to 250 Items script var MultiLineHistory = Java.type("oracle.dbtools.raptor.console.MultiLineHistory"); MultiLineHistory.getInstance().setMaxItems(250); / Don’t go crazy, remember each item gets written to its own XML file. We load those on start-up.

Demo: AutoTrace – Generate Hints and Compare Different Execution Plans & Stats

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For some reason I procrastinated setting up my video software on my new work machine. Big mistake. I put together this animated GIF to show some new things in version 4.2: Updated formatter – better support for ANSI joins Opening objects referenced in your execution plans Inserting Hints Not new but underutilized: how to compare plans/AutoTraces One Last Thing… …don’t …

Formatter Improvements in v4.2

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The old formatter, the code that’s used to format your code from v1 to version 4.1 was based on some pattern matching code and expressions. It was very limited, and didn’t like a lot of syntax and coding styles common in Oracle code. It also wasn’t very flexible. So we built a new engine. One that takes advantage of our …

4.2 Tweak, Working with Views

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Someone said we should make the view source searchable, and that we should show any errors on a view. Actually, it might have been a few dozen of you. A reader reminded me that we actually implemented this in v4.2. Code Outline I’ll go into more depth here next week when I’m back from Open World, but we’re working on …

New Feature: Drag and Drop Object To Copy Them to Another Oracle Database

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In both v4.1.5 and v4.2, you can now select objects from your database tree, and drag them to another connection to have them copied. The source can be: a MySQL, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Terradata, or other 3rd party supported RDBMS an Oracle Database The destination can be: an on-premise Oracle Databaes an Oracle Database running in the Oracle Cloud …