I’m very happy and excited to announce I’ll be speaking at the following events, in just a couple of weeks!

I’ll be there for Week 1! Full Tour Details

What will I be talking about? Here’s a quick preview!


SQL Developer Web, Command-Line, VS Code – everything you need to know!

After a quick review of what’s what with SQL Developer, SQLcl, and SQL Developer Web, I promise to get everyone the latest news on what we’re building for VS Code. And yes, I’ll include live demo!

Performant, Secure, & Useful REST APIs for your Oracle Database

Everything you need to know to build REST APIs for your developers, partners, and integration friends. I’ll also give a brief overview of our newest ORDS feature, GraphQL support for your AutoREST enabled TABLES and VIEWS!


KEYNOTE:  Complete and Simple Data Management – Today and Tomorrow

I’ll be talking about how Oracle has been building and delivering a single database, good for any data and any workload for our customers. I’ll also be going over the latest features for developers in our Oracle Database 23c release.

My tech talk is the SQL Dev talks as previously described.

The Netherlands

KEYNOTE: The Future of Data-Centric AppDev

I’ll be sharing how Oracle Database is making developing and running all data-driven apps simple, with a focus on 23c features such as JSON Relational Duality Views, simple SQL access to your Oracle Graph data, microservices, and more.

JavaScript in the Database?

Yes! You can now use stored procedures in an Oracle Database, defined as JavaScript! I’ll share how this works, and provide some short demos of how to make it easier to dev, test, and even debug your JavaScript in an Oracle Database, using SQL Developer Web.

It’s not just me!

I’ll be joined by both fellow Oracle co-workers and friends from the community! Heli Helskyaho, Ron Elkins, Alex Nuijten, Hans Viehmann, Sandesh Rao, Daniel Overby & Kim Berg Hansen (no relation, I think?), as well as many others will be speaking at one or more of these events.


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


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