Filter All The Things

thatjeffsmith SQL Developer 4 Comments

I often spend a lot of time on the ‘cool’ and ‘advanced’ tips and tricks when doing talks for SQL Developer. Today, I’m co-presenting with Helen , and she chose to spotlight a bunch of stuff around filtering. Follow @HelenJSanders I love the topic, but …

SQLcl History Demo and How to Extend History Limit

thatjeffsmith SQL Developer 0 Comments

Twitter wasn’t playing nice, so I’ll just blog this 🙂 Want to extend your history size from 100 statements/scripts? Add this to your login.sql. prompt Bumping up SQL History to 250 Items script var MultiLineHistory = Java.type("oracle.dbtools.raptor.console.MultiLineHistory"); MultiLineHistory.getInstance().setMaxItems(250); / Don’t go crazy, remember each item …

Toggling Between SQL Worksheet Result Panels

thatjeffsmith SQL Developer 4 Comments

I’ve talked about keyboard shortcuts before… But What About Going From One Data Grid to the Next? Apparently I neglected to show that one. Move Right: ALT+SHIFT+F5 Move Left: SHIFT+F5 Just so you know I’m not making this up..

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