We have this feature in old school SQL Developer where you can have ‘important’ connections outlined with a color scheme…the connection name is also given this color.

It ‘works’ I would say, but is it ideal?

As we’re re-creating our SQL Developer world inside of VS Code, we know what works, we know what people like, we know what people NEED. But, does it makes sense to do a 1:1 lift-and-shift for every feature?

This is one of those features that WILL get done, but the implementation may be different.

For example, did you know you can ALREADY have fun with your connection names?

Is this enough?

This probably isn’t enough to give folks what they either want or need, but it is SOMETHING you can do to make things easier to find, navigate. My brain sees those emojis much faster than it can parse the connection names.

You’ll see these in SQLcl as well, for example –

Someone saw my connection names in a tweet or something, and asked, hey, how do you do that?

Literally, just type in the connection name. I grab the emoji off the the innerwebs, and paste it into the editor.


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  1. In VS code I have this: πŸ”’ hr@test

    In sqlcl “cm list” output is:

    ­čâĺ hr@test

    SQL> conn -name ­čâĺ hr@test
    Unknown connection β”¬ΕŸβ”€ΕΉβ”œΓ‚β”€β•‘

    • You prob should change your windows code page to unicode and then when you make your connection, double quote the connection name. I can paste emoji’s (unicode characters) just fine in my Windows 11 terminals.

      So what you have should look like this
      SQL> conn -name “πŸ”’ hr@test”

    • Now, it is working. πŸ™‚

      Thanks a lot.

      Best regards

  2. Nice feature, but with emoji in the connection name sqlcl is unable to connect using conn -name.

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