We (Oracle) had a big event yesterday where Larry (THAT Larry) and our Execute Vice President Juan Loaiza debuted the newest version of our Oracle Database.

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It’s now also available for Autonomous Always Free in the Oracle Cloud

You can have two Autonomous databases in an Always Free cloud tenancy. And if you’re in the Ashburn or Frankfurt regions (full roll-out continues even now), you can create an 23ai instance.

I’ll share a ‘how-to’ article shortly on how to Export your 21c data into a fresh 23ai instance.

Or download a fresh copy of our VirtualBox appliance

Download the image (OVA)

Once it’s up and running, you’ll find the usual – a database ready for you to play with, complete with sample schemas, and the latest SQLcl, ORDS, and APEX.

Me pretending to be a Vector expert, in SQLcl.

If you open a browser on the vm, or on your host, go to localhost:8080/ords, to land on our…landing page. Then you can go into SQL Developer Web or APEX.

If you’re running something else on your host 8080 port 8080, you’ll need to sort that conflict, or just use FF on the VM.

One of the biggest 23ai features, JSON Relational Duality Views

I’ll be doing up more examples on how to use these via REST APIs in your applications. No more having to pick an object (JSON) or relational model, just store your data and use the best of both worlds, no compromises!

Here’s a bit of a tease…querying a Duality View, and looking at the execution plan –


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  1. Thanks Jeff, but when I tried creating a free 23ai ATP database on my OCI instance, I got the following:

    You are attempting to use a feature that’s not currently enabled for this tenancy.
    opc-request-id: csid19e6b7c34fa5a6e71d262d614b9b/de38aa72f390440f8cd0f0d0b0759fe1/A00B51A71F10ADCB69C0A12A833E4DAE

    Any idea why that could be or how to get around it?

    • How many free resources are you currently using? You can only have two always free databases…

    • I’ve had a couple free instances in the past, but they’ve expired and no longer show up, so not using any free OCI resources that I’m aware of

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