If you’re patient, your extension should show as ready to be updated in the VS Code Marketplace. If you’re NOT patient, you can request the upgrade NOW.

The ChangeLog has a few items of important notice –

New Features!

  • FILTERING – both lists of objects in the connection trees AND lists of schemas under the ‘Other Users’ node
  • File Based PL/SQL development – open a plsql file, use the PL/SQL compiler
  • Visual Explain Plans
  • Filter/Search on SQL History
  • DDL Generation preferences

Bug Fixes!!

Again, this is for the most part due to the great feedback we’re getting from both the Marketplace Q&A and Oracle Forums. So again to those intrepid users, THANK YOU, you’re helping us make the product, better.

  • problems opening PACKAGEs
  • not able to open TYPE bodies
  • multi-selecting grid rows – copy & paste not working
  • numbers losing precision when displayed in grids

A quick preview

Here’s just a few screenshots to give you an idea of what’s available in the 24.1 update.

DDL and Preferences

Set ’em, go look at the SQL/DDL pages for your objects.

Visual Explain Plans

We’re working on the Tree viewer like we have in SQL Developer Classic as well.

Filtering in the Connection Trees

Filtering schemas under Other Users in the tree

This is just a release announcement/teaser!

Lots of detailed posts and maybe even a YouTube series of Getting Started/Tutorials are all on-tap!

What’s coming, Next?

Hopefully, you’ll hear us talking about the PL/SQL Debugger, Real Time SQL Monitoring, Reports, and a few other toys for our Summer (24.2) release!


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


  1. is it possible to get the Visual Explain Plan without executing the query? We have many queries that run in the database using the bind variables. It would be great to get the visual plan by sql_id and sql child number.


    • We don’t execute the query, we do an explain for…

      Grabbing the plans by SQL_ID/Child Number is in the old sql developer, and it’s on the list to bring over to VS Code, too!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the update, would SQL Developer, the Java based client be updated with new versions ? or SQL Developer will be as a VSS extension only going further?

    • We’re working on an update for sqldev, hopefully will be ready in June.

      No new features, just some big fixes and component/library upgrades.

      VS code extension is the future.

  3. Hi Jeff, that’s a great news!
    When do you plan to add a possibility to create user-defined snippets in the tool? I would like to create my own snippets direct in VS Code instead to play with some JSON files in a core 🙂

    • The current thought is maybe we don’t for awhile since you can manage these on your own…if only to give us resources to build the things you can’t manage.

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