And a recent change, our product manager Zachary Talke will start doing the official blog posts annoucning all the things you need to know, here’s that post:

But while I have your attention, just a few quick notes.

You can create tasks to run on the background now

Simply use the ‘bg’ or background command. You’ll get your prompt back right away, and you can use the ‘jobs’ command to see what the status is, or check out the output from the log we capture.

More on this feature later.

You can even create tasks that will wait for another task to finish before executing! Expect some more content/tutorials here.

Highlighting is on by default now.

If you don’t like it just run

set highlighting off

What am I talking about? You’ll see it pretty quickly at startup/connect time.

I’ve talked about this feature before.

Lots of updates and fixes for Liquibase

The Liquibase open source project has been QUITE busy the past 2 years, and we’ve been burning tons of developer hours to uptake those changes. That’s why you’ll see things like the output/responses changing on an SQLcl upgrade – because Liquibase has added/changed things.

Another reminder – read the Release Notes and/or Zach’s blog!

For example –

Default is to print this, but you can disable it.

If you don’t like this, no worries! Simply add this option to your update sub-command.

lb update -show-summary OFF

And don’t forget you can tab-complete your way through these commands quite easily now.

Just hit TAB, then keep hitting it till you get what you want.

Here’s another look

hitting tab, again, will start to navigate the list of ‘hits’ to your search

Lots of library updates in general

Some security scans in your orgs may have flagged SQLcl recently. No worries, any known CVEs on our 3rd party libraries have been addressed in 24.1, including jackson-databind and sshd jars.


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