As Apple has increased their security rules around 3rd party applications, it has become more difficult for folks to get SQL Developer up and running.

That’s a problem we hope to have fixed for our next release.

What we’re doing:

  • ALL of the JARs will be signed (ours and the 3rd party libraries)
  • Make selecting the Java Home more straightforward

What this means:

  • no more prompts from your Mac saying it doesn’t want to open SQL Developer because it appears to be malicious (it isn’t!)
  • fewer problems starting the application because your Mac can’t find a JDK compatible with SQL Developer

So ‘installing’ SQL Developer should look as simple as this –

Unzip, drag to Applications, open it, say ‘Ok’ for non App Store download, import your former settings.

I know you have questions.

Jeff, I need help now!

I wrote this post, just for you – get help for running SQL Dev on your Mac.

Jeff, when is version 21.2 going to be released?

We do calendar-quarterly releases, so end end of this calendar quarter would be the end of June. July 4 holiday, pending QA, legal sign-offs, security checks, etc. means that could be a week or few later than that. I’ll let you know for sure, right here.

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Goodbye Feedburner, Hello

Google decided to kill Feedburner a long time ago, but it’s not actually dying until the end of the month. I’ve as of today nuked the Feedburner RSS mail feed for my blog. I’ve downloaded the 2,000+ active subscribers (thank you, everyone!) and added you to a new RSS delivery/subscription service (

This post will be a sort of a test. If you’re not getting your updates, let me know and I’ll try to add you to the list.

You can add or re-add yourself manually, scroll down to the bottom of my page and use the Email box –

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  1. Jeff,
    Still some Dialogue messages in Sqldeveloper refers to Jdeveloper : like ” This file was changed outside “Jdeveloper” etc.. Is there a plan to change the same. or just to leave it same as it’s part of core ide framework..

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