The JSON interface in Database Actions has improved TREMENDOUSLY since the last video tutorial I published last year.

We also have a couple new features about to debut, so I decided to tease those as well.

In our video, I’ll show you how to :

  1. create a collection
  2. create a document
  3. edit a document
  4. filter your documents
  5. filter your documents using our JSON auto-completion editor feature
  6. get the SQL behind your filters/queries
  7. create relational VIEWs on top of your collections
  8. create indexes for your document attributes
  9. check the query plans to see if those indexes are being used

Without further ado, here’s the show!

About 21 minutes long, feel free to play at 2x πŸ™‚

The CREATE VIEW and CREATE INDEX bits will be made available in ORDS version 21.2 – due in a few weeks.


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