Someone asked about persisting table filters.

Quick answer, we don’t. When you leave and come back to table, the filters are no longer active.

Don’t know what I mean by filters?

A ‘split’ table into 4 regions – each with it’s own filtered view of the data.

So, if you close the table and come back, the filter won’t be there anymore.


It is there, you just have to ask for it.


Now scroll down. Down further. Past the column list.

There ya go…

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  1. Is there a way to ‘click’ and get a sql script for the query that was just filtered?


  2. “So, if you close the table and come back, the filter won’t be there anymore.”
    This would be less of a problem if it wouldn’t retain the sort. You ever reopened a big table or complex view where the filter is lost but not the sort?
    I still hope that my feature request will be implemented before I retire 🙂
    “Filter View before opening data tab” ->,7:P7_ID:16241

    • Wouldn’t this “solution” make the data tab obsolete 🙂
      Most things can be done in the result grid but some things don’t work
      – Recalling a filter, I would have to search the SQL history
      – Exporting data as INSERT requires more typing because I have to replace the default table name
      – Deleting/Inserting/Updating rows

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