Video! Using the Keyboard Shortcuts in Oracle SQLcl

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Developers hate using a mouse. Sticking with the keyboard reminds everyone we bled all over our keyboards 20 years ago in VT100 terminals.

So we built a modern command line interface for Oracle Database and released it last year, in 2016. And knowing you already know and love the keyboard, we made sure you could do what you needed to do while building and running your scripts and statements.

So here’s a video showing you all the keyboard ‘tricks.’ They’re not really tricks though, these are DOCUMENTED!

The cheatsheet has entries for SQLDev & SQLcl…

The keyboard shortcut ‘cheat sheet’ you can find here.

And your 4 minutes and change video…

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Comments 3

  1. Hello, I’m used to Ctrl+Ins for copying and Shift+Insert for pasting . Unfortunately in sqlcl Shift+Insert doesn’t work. Instead of copied text I get “~” sign printed. Could you comment if it is a bug or a feature. I’ve checked and surprisingly in sqlplus it works. All checks done with Win10 standard cmd line console.


    1. thatjeffsmith Post

      We’re doing what the Windows CMD window supports. Right-click with your mouse to paste in Windows 7.

      I see for Win10 they do allow for Ctrl+ pasting, but you ave to enable it. Have you done this?

    2. I have new win10 console features enabled. And I tested that in pure console Shift+Insert works. Furthermore it works even when I run sqlplus command tool from Oracle Client 11.2. But from the very same console window, when I enter the sql tool (sqlcl) it give me only ‘~’ character printed insted of pasting text from windows clipboard. It’s seems like sqlcl traps this key and execute its own handler. Or maybe it’s Java environment issue? I have no idea, but I would be grateful if you could examine this issue further, as it seems you somehow limit win10 console native capabilities here

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