Mandatory SQLDev Tip: Filter Your History

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It’s Friday! Let’s be honest though – you’ve not accomplished much this week. Monday was a holiday, emails have stacked up, lots of your co-workers are on vacation. So how can we rescue this losing scenario and turn it into a major victory? This trick will save you so much time, you’ll be mad I didn’t make you learn it …

Blacklisting Commands in Your Oracle SQLcl History

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We by default don’t store certain things in your SQLcl HISTORY list – like CONNECTs. For obvious reasons, it’s best not to store certain things, either for convenience or for security. Here’s how that is controlled. SET HISTORY BLACKLIST command1, command2, …, commandN An example: So I previously added ALTER to the list, and just now added DESC. And then …

SQLcl History Demo and How to Extend History Limit

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Twitter wasn’t playing nice, so I’ll just blog this 🙂 Want to extend your history size from 100 statements/scripts? Add this to your login.sql. prompt Bumping up SQL History to 250 Items script var MultiLineHistory = Java.type("oracle.dbtools.raptor.console.MultiLineHistory"); MultiLineHistory.getInstance().setMaxItems(250); / Don’t go crazy, remember each item gets written to its own XML file. We load those on start-up.

What the SQL? (History)

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Oracle SQL Developer has 2 client-side logging mechanisms for capturing SQL that is executed: SQL History Statements SQL History This is the SQL that you have executed in a SQL Worksheet. It’s also any scripts you have executed in a SQL Worksheet. Ran something the other day and forgot to save it to your script? No worries, pull it up …

SQLcl: Optimizing Your History Lists

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Since SQLcl is a command line tool, it’s not super helpful to have a huge command history list. How do I mean? Well, in the SQL Developer GUI, we have a History panel. It allows for sorting, filtering, scrolling, etc. So you can go ‘crazy’ and set your History limit to 1000 if you want. But, in SQLcl, we limit …

Your Definitive Guide to SQL History

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I went to link to this post earlier today, and was shocked to discover I hadn’t actually written it yet. What’s the opposite of ‘bazinga!’ ? SQL Developer stores every query AND script you execute in a worksheet. A query being a single statement, and a script being one or more queries and/or anonymous blocks. A query is stored as …