We released SQL Developer version 17.3 while I was at Oracle Open World, so I didn’t have time to really blog it.

Plus, we found this REALLY annoying bug.

Some weird behavior too where you couldn’t click/put your cursor inside of commented code as well.

Obviously this was ‘no bueno’ – so we put out a patch.

Version 17.3.1 is available now.

What’s New in 17.3?

Mostly bug fixes. We identified issues from 17.2 and fixed those – thanks again Community folks!

A few improvements.

Code Outline
It wasn’t working for some larger code samples. That should be fixed now.

You’ll notice too that you should be able to click in your code and see the outline update position, and vice versa.

Again, more tweaks based on community feedback. You can check out the 17.3 release notes to see exactly what.

You complained, provided test cases, we listened! That’s how it works.

ERD Relationship Labels

You can position labels above or below the line. As you move the lines around, it should respect the setting and remain visible.

A New Trick

Don’t you hate it when folks make you copy the line numbers for their code?

What About Java 9?

It’s officially released now. But we don’t support it yet. Why? It’s brand new, and came out at the end of the dev time for v17.3 – too late to properly test and certify it.

But, you can run it, and it’ll work just fine. I’ve been running it for a few months now. You’ll get a warning message on startup, just click the ‘ignore’ button and continue on. If you find a bug and report it to MOS, and they ask version of Java…back down to 8 and make sure the bug is still there too. Or, you’re on your own.

Official support will be available, soon.

What’s Coming in version 17.4?

We hate bugs. So we’re spending time killing as many now as possible. We’re also doing more Cloud work. You’ll see a better Cart, even for on-premises work, and you’ll see some improvements with managing your connections. Stay tuned!


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  1. Jacek Bogucki Reply

    is it me or I cannot drag’n’drop multiple tables to Worksheet / Query Builder anymore?
    it switches immediately to tab of first selected table.

  2. Thanks Jeff – it worked. I was getting an error while launching the app but discovered later that it was due to an old version of Java 8.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Is there sqldevloper 17.3.1 for Solaris SPARC? I couldn’t find it on download page, is it part of others platform – I tried but it didn’t work. Would be better to put a separate one zip archive for Solaris SPARC like it is there for windows x64?

  4. Peter Nosko Reply

    Thank you for keeping this a zip. Some of us have to live with gov harware on where we don’t have admin rights.

  5. Hi Jeff
    As a suggestion for a futur release (or 17.x.x release)

    As many sqldeveloper users, I’m doing a lot’s of new sql request including optimization of existing request.

    I think it could be nice to be able to set an option in the worksheet environment setup to trigger a
    Clear screen automatically before the execution of a Worksheet.

    I look through the web including your tweak suggestions and unfortunately I cannot find a way to do it instead of adding the command in the worksheet itself.

  6. Hello Jeff

    i have another problem with 11rg2 database and sql developer (17.2 or 17.3) :

    when i try to create a data redaction policy, it throws an error stating “Grants missing on redaction_policies and redaction_columns.” even though these privileges are granted to the user (and execute on DBMS_REDACT package). This problem arises only from the GUI popup of add/alter redaction policy, but works when using the DBMS_REDACT.ADD_POLICY method.

    • If I remember correctly that feature was backported from 12 to 11. We probably missed something. I’m out next 2 days for a conference..please log an SR with MOS.

  7. Jeff – probably not the appropriate path for SQLDeveloper suggestions but here goes. How about a real installation & de-installation program for SQLDeveloper instead of a zip?

    • nope, nope, nope. But, with MSFT MSI, you could surely build your own?

      With the zip, nothing goes down but what is in the zip. Nothing is written to the registry to be managed. We do write to AppData as MSFT requires for app specific data, so it’s easy to manage.

      What would this installer give you, that you don’t already have today?

  8. Hello Jeff

    I still do not see dataguard configuration on a 11g database 🙁

    this was already the case in the previous version (17.2)

  9. Hello Jeff, you seem to be using some “solarized dark” color scheme, would you mind sharing it ?
    Is there a “solarized light” variant available, too ?

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