Twitter came through for me in a big way again today. I’m constantly being asked why I do ‘the Twitter’, and this experience sums it up nicely.


Updated 10-05-2010

First things first.

# – denotes a hashtag, useful for finding/categorizing posts on Twitter
FTW – acronym for ‘For the Win’, geeky way of saying ‘Woohoo!’

I am an idiot.
I recently bought a wiring harness for my car stereo, this was going to let me add Bluetooth to my car so I could do the whole ‘hand-free’ phone and Pandora streaming from my smart phone. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong one. Fortunately, the great folks at INSTALLER.COM hooked me up with a rush FedEx order directly from the supplier as they were out of stock – Thanks Dwayne!

Either I gave them the wrong ZIPCODE, or they sent the wrong ZIPCODE, or FEDEX screwed up the ZIPCODE. I’m willing to take the blame here, but I did confirm the shipping address with the nice lady on the phone at least twice.

Where’s my package?
I checked the tracking status and saw this really weird status

That's Not Good!

For those of you not familiar with North Carolina geography, Greenville is a couple hundred miles away from Cary. So I called up FedEx on the 800#. Took me 3 menus to get to a real person. ‘Angel’ took my tracking number, confirmed the address, and left my phone number with the folks in Greenville. OK.

I waited for a phone call, waited for the delivery status to change. Nothing.

Twitter to the Rescue!
I decided to let my followers and anyone who might be listening that I was having a hard time with FedEx.

So at 11:48AM I complained on Twitter, and mentioned FedEx.

At 12:05 PM I received my first response from FedEx.

FedexRobin made my day!

After trading a few Tweets, I finally emailed her with my information.

In 15 minutes, I had a reply describing the issue, but more importantly, @FedexRobin had it FIXED. I’m going to get my package tomorrow, and I have one less thing to worry about, and one more friend on Twitter.

I Strive to be like @FedExRobin
I have several searches constantly running, looking for folks who are having problems with Toad. I can only hope those folks’ experience with me is as productive as mine was with FedEx.

We are looking to optimize our customer’s experience with QSFT online. I am definitely going to use this experience as an example of the ‘RIGHT WAY’ to do things. Someone at FedEx decided to empower Robin to help their customers. Thank you, whoever you are.

Package Received!
Today was an awesome day. It was practically dripping with customer service.

  • 8:30 AM got a call from the FedEX driver telling me i’d get it today around 2 or 3 PM
  • 2:05 PM got the package
  • 2:10 PM got an email notification that Robin had ordered for me
  • 2:19 PM got a Tweet from Robin telling me the package had been delivered.
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