I have a file, let’s say, working.sql.

I want to do some work on my code until I’m happy with it.

And now I want to connect to a database, and execute it…but I don’t want my fingers to leave the keyboard.

Of course, you’ll need the SQL Developer extension in addition to VS Code.

Demo: Look ma, no mouse!

I’m hitting on my Mac, option+command+Z to select a connection, followed by fn+F9 to execute the query.

Oh, I also had to use the arrow keys and the Return key to choose the connection I wanted.

That looks like this –

How to make it work

In VS Code, pull up the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

Then search on ‘connect’ – and look for this –

Click the ‘pencil’ icon, and then assign a keyboard combo. option+command+Z was unused, so I grabbed it.

And that’s it!


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