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Customizing File Extensions for Your PL/SQL Code

You may wish to store your PL/SQL code in files with file extensions other than our defaults. We ship with .klr, .pkb, .pkh, .pks, .plb, .pls as associated file types for our PL/SQL editor and for opening said files on your machine with SQL Developer. But maybe at XYZ Incorporated, you keep your package bodies […]

SQL Developer 4.1: Multi-Cursor Editing

‘Make the editor work like Sublime Text or Crimson!’ So goes the several dozen requests I get each year. Well, in version 4.1, we’ve got something I think you’ll like. It’s a bit different than column text edit modes – but it allows for the same idea, and it’s even more powerful…I think. You can […]

Oracle SQL Developer v4.0: Breadcrumbs

Hansel and Gretel are in the forest and don’t want to get lost, so Gretel leaves a trail of white pebbles to mark their way. In future adaptations of this Bros. Grimm story, the white pebbles have become ‘breadcrumbs.’ So what does this have to do with SQL Developer? When working with large bits of […]

How to Plug vi into Oracle SQL Developer

Love vi? Prefer emacs? Want the power of the 80’s added to Oracle SQL Developer? You can do that via our External Tools feature. And you can even have SQL Developer throw over your open file into vi, edit it, save it, and refresh the buffer in the worksheet to reflect the file changes. Here’s […]

Quick Outline: Navigating Your PL/SQL Packages in Oracle SQL Developer

If you’re browsing your packages using the Connections panel, you have a nice tree navigator to click around your packages and your variable, procedure, and functions. But What if you drill into your PL/SQL source from the worksheet and don’t have the Tree expanded? Let’s say you’re working on your script, something like – So […]

How To Block Select Text in Oracle SQL Developer

This drove me nuts for a few minutes, so I figure you might need help too. That probably explains why you had to Google ‘Block Select’ and wound up here. Here is what you want: There’s No Trick, But You Do Have to Enable It The default behavior is to do a normal ‘wrapping’ selection […]

Tracking Script Changes Locally in Oracle SQL Developer

Source control systems are a vital component to any serious software development environment. Tracking and merging changes, branching new versions, or reverting back to a previous incarnation of the code is so much easier when you have your source code versioned in a system like Subversion or CVS. Of course source control isn’t the answer […]

SQL Developer Trick: Double-Click to Go Full Screen

No matter how many monitors you have or how large they may be, sometimes you just need more real-estate for your coding. You can have a whole lot going on in your IDE, and SQL Developer is no exception. Of course you can always close or hide the offending panels and windows, but then it’s […]

Getting Your Mind Out of the Gutter and Your Line Numbers In

I’m not sure if I can help with the mind part, but I can definitely add some perspective on the line numbers. Quickly, let’s define just what the ‘gutter’ is in the world of programming and database GUIs. I found a good definition on Quantum Whale, a .NET component developer, and I’m going to quote […]

SQL Developer does XML

If you’re looking for insight or guidance on XML, XML in the database, or XMLDB – then please keep looking. I have not much to add here. What I am here to talk about is some of the support that SQL Developer offers for XML in the database. You may have heard me say ‘I […]

SQL Developer Quick Hit: Split and Side-by-Side Editors

Want multiple scratch pads for your queries? Have a hundred+ line stored procedure? Then here are two tips for you! Side-by-Side Worksheets To get started you’ll need at least two worksheets open. So something like this Next, you can either click and drag the 2nd worksheet tab to the right or underneath. If you drag […]

Still use Notepad? I bet I know why.

If you were to look at your most frequently used applications, I am betting you would find Notepad and Paint fairly high on your list. Why is that? Sometimes you just want a ‘dumb’ program to do a very specific task. The last thing you want is a grammar checker or a utility to ‘out-think’ […]

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