Someone said we should make the view source searchable, and that we should show any errors on a view.

Actually, it might have been a few dozen of you.

A reader reminded me that we actually implemented this in v4.2.

The split editor trick, you know this one, right?
The split editor trick, you know this one, right?

Code Outline

I’ll go into more depth here next week when I’m back from Open World, but we’re working on building a new advanced Code Outline. Right click in your editor to open it.

Click in the parser tree, and it will highlight the block of corresponding code in your editor.
Click in the parser tree, and it will highlight the block of corresponding code in your editor.

It’s a bit too verbose now, but you can see how our parser SEES your code. This is how we know to highlight something, change it’s case, print syntax/grammar warnings BEFORE you try to run your code, and of course it’s how we know how to format your code.

It’s something that might involve into a sort of code diagram so you can visually see how your SQL and PL/SQL are setup.

There’s a toggle to switch back to the plain-jane outline if it’s too much for you to take in all at once now.

Click here to go back to the old outline.
Click here to go back to the old outline.

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  1. Tommy Wareing Reply

    Hiya. I dowloaded 4.2 yesterday.
    It doesn’t seem to honour the session’s NLS DATE FORMAT, when displaying dates in the Query Result grid, but uses the Preference setting instead. Under 4.1 I happily switched my outputs back and forth between displaying the time or not by using ALTER SESSION (and it only affected individual session displays). Now it looks like I’ll have to either keep going into the Preferences, or altering the queries themselves to format the time values…

    eg. (My preference is set to DD-MON-YYYY)
    alter session set nls_date_format=’DD-MON-YYYY’;
    select SYSDATE from dual;
    result is 23-SEP-2016 as expected

    alter session set nls_date_format=’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’;
    select SYSDATE from dual;
    result is still 23-SEP-2016 rather than 23-SEP-2016 11:12:07 as desired.

    (Also posted to, but I don’t know where it’s more likely to get noticed!)

    • Thanks, I’ll see why we made that change. The preferences should set the format at login time only.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    any news on formatter? That one currently in preview seems to have less settings than in 4.1.

  3. Hi Jeff

    Some feedback

    1) When I select Code Outline nothing happens – the new window doesn’t open.

    2) When I open almost all my views I seem to be getting a syntax error, for relatively minor things like to WHERE or ORDER by clause. Is there/will there be some settings to control what is reported as a syntax error?


    • Vadim Tropashko


      Code outline panel (it is not window) might have been docked somewhere and you just didn’t notice. Bugs in SQL Developer are exceedingly rare — it has been tested on all oracle documentation examples and more. Please don’t hesitate to exhibit the code.

    • Vadim Tropashko

      “Bugs in SQL Developer are…” — I have meant to say: “…in SQL Developer parser…”

    • Marius Dragulin

      Choose “Look and feel = “Oracle” and try again. “Analytic View Templates and Snippets” works with the same context (only under “Oracle” look and feel).

    • Marius Dragulin

      Sorry, my mistake, “Analytic View Templates and Snippets” not working at all.

    • Hi All,

      Code Outline in Oracle look and feel works for me only for smaller packages (in Windows l&f I had the same problem as Nigel’s #1), is there any workaround?


    • Thanks for the quick reply!
      Unfortunately the code is property of the company (and too dirty to send 🙂 ), so I can’t send it to you, but I hope I can find something which is free, and has errors too.

    • Hi Jeff,

      It seems conditional compilation can cause problems in code outline, the image is from ORA LOGGER package spec 3.1.1:
      Please check it.


    • Fixed for the next update, conditional compilation code will be ignored by the parser/formatter, and we’ll ignore everything around it.

  4. Edward Fabian Betancourt Reply

    Good afternoon,

    I’ve just download the new versión. In the package editor I didn´t see the rapid scheme where I can see at the left side the procedures and functions of package.


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