I’ve been tweaking how my SQL Developer application looks and feels for a long time.

Someone saw my desktop and wanted to know how to make theirs look like mine, hence this post.

I realize beauty in in the eye of the beholder, but if you behold what I behold, then here’s how to get there.

I recently came across this Scheme on GitHub, and have been using it for a few months now.

It’s a port from a popular theme in Eclipse, and it’s pretty much good, out of the box.

me like!

I have made a few additional tweaks though.

Highlighted text was hard to spot, so I changed the background color.

Now this looks better, I can actually read the text that’s been selected.

The Cursor

Seeing the cursor on the black screen was hard, so I changed that too.

Getting there…

Next, the Gutter

Assuming you have line numbers, ON.

White on grey basically.

And now, our finished product.

Make your code, prettier.

P.S. Don’t Forget the Fonts!

I’m using one developed for the Android platform.

Doesn’t support emojis, but still pretty good.

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  1. Thank you Jeff, this is very helpful and makes a huge difference when staring at code for hours.

    The only thing missing from the instructions in the GitHub repo is file location for macOS. It’s still in dtcache.xml, but a little harder to find.

    For me, this was the exact location: /Users/haniel.burton/.sqldeveloper/system18.4.0.376.1900/o.ide.⁩/dtcache.xml


  2. Looks great, now if only SQL Dev supported fonts with Ligatures then Programmers Fonts such as Fira Code, Monoid, Hasklig, etc. could be used to a fuller extent.

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