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Modeling Virtual Columns

Virtual columns made their debut in Oracle Database 11g. They are a value that’s not stored with the row, rather they are computed as queried. [DOCS] So I could have a column of type DATE. And I could have a virtual column of type VARCHAR2 that is computed by running a function against the previously […]

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A Friend Could Use Your Help

My friend Chet is facing some pretty large bills. They go to pay for therapy for his special needs daughter, Kate. Chet is @oraclenerd. He’s done a lot to help the community, and to help community members in need. We’ve started a fund-raiser to help Chet make sure his kids get the care they need. […]

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SELECT SPLAT…To Just the Cols You Want

Question: I like SELECT *, but I don’t really want ALL the columns. Is there a better way? Side Note: People are giving me crap on the ‘SPLAT’ – it’s perfectly acceptable! To me at least… There’s a few better ways, and with an IDE like SQL Developer, you should expect lots of help in […]

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Resolutions for 2016

Our Database Insider Newsletter folks asked me to share some resolutions I had for 2016. 2015 was a great year for me, personally and professionally. I’m also continuously reminded of the things I don’t do so well and need to get better at. So here goes… Find new ways to reach and help our users. […]

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DELIMITED text files are popular ways of passing data around. CSV anyone? The C stands for ‘Comma’ – regardless of what your smug European friends may have told you 😉 #TonguePlantedFIRMLYInCheek Anyways, in SQL Developer, when using the export dialog to get a DELIMITED export for your dataset, you can set the delimiter and the […]

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Your Favorite Posts from 2015

These were the stories published this year that enjoyed the most readers. Sadly, an article I wrote many years ago on how to import data from Excel to Oracle, remains the #1 post overall. Stupid Excel. 10. SQL Developer version 4.1 Feature Recap So we released version 4.1 of SQL Developer this past May. This […]

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Formatting Code in SQLcl

Ever get a SQL statement from someone desperate for help? There’s 2 things these people do that drive me nuts: they send a SCREENSHOT of their code they send the Query as a single line of text If I’m in the command line, it’s real easy to fix the 2nd problem. Just use the FORMAT […]

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SQLcl: Optimizing Your History Lists

Since SQLcl is a command line tool, it’s not super helpful to have a huge command history list. How do I mean? Well, in the SQL Developer GUI, we have a History panel. It allows for sorting, filtering, scrolling, etc. So you can go ‘crazy’ and set your History limit to 1000 if you want. […]

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10 Years & Counting, Rock On

Doing the math, SQL Developer is officially 10 years old. Or should I say, 10 years young? I remember VERY clearly when this came out. It was seen as a very disruptive move by Oracle – a company for which I did not work at the time, so this is my personal recollection 🙂 It […]

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Trick: Getting All the Privileges (Grants) for a User

This challenge has come up a few times recently for me. Just HOW can a SQL Developer user quickly build out a SQL script for a database user that will include ALL of their privileges, roles, and system grants? I didn’t have a good answer until today. A group of DBAs at a large shipping […]

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