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Ninety percent of my writing falls under the ‘database umbrella’ of topics. But from time to time, I do like to stretch my legs and exercise my writing muscles by talking about other things like Twitter, blogging, consumer products, etc.

So if you’re a friend or family member and want to get to know me better, or just check out this ‘blog thing’, here are some posts that you might find interesting.

And finally, if you want to learn about this database stuff because I now call Oracle ‘home’, Curious about databases?


  1. ARON, Todd E Reply


    Great site; lotsa good stuff on here to make your brain bigger.

    How is best to get goodly amounts of MS SQL Server data to Oracle? We have several data sources (dumps of different MS SQL Server DBs) each and every month. We’d like to access the MS SQL Server data directly, as there are transformations that need to take place to reduce the sheer volume of data once it gets to Ora. We’d like to just attach and query the MS SQL Server database and move the data.



    • ARON, Todd E

      Alas, its customer/partner data coming in. This project IS ridding ourselves of our most of our MS SQL Server instances and logic; keeping only as much as we need to attach the dumps and get the data from them that we need.

      So, all we need is a “read” transaction to get that data, then we dump the dumps, so to speak.

      Thanks for the link!

  2. I downloaded Oracle SQL Developer and it will not open because I am receiving the following two errors:
    1) The program can’t start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
    2) Unable to launch the Java Virtual Machine Located at path: ..\,,jdk\jre\bin\jvm.dll

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program multiple times.
    I tried copying the MSVCR71.dll file into the client bin but it did not solve the issue, and JVM.dll is already in the client bin.

    • If you copied MSVCR71.dll to the sqldeveloper/bin directory, that issue is taken care of. The issue is discussed in more detail here

      Or in other words, get a 64 bit JDK if you want to run on 64bit Windows, or try the other advice in the above mentioned thread.

    • I went into the Oracle SQL Deleloper download file, copied the MSCVR71.dll and jvm.dll files from the jdk\jre\bin folder, and pasted them into the sqldeveloper\bin folder. It works!

  3. iv tried doin dat…reinstalled twice o trice…but it dsnt give me those options…

  4. iv gt problem wit oracle sql developer 11gi enterprise edition…. in tools -> preferences-> i changed the theme frm oracle to windows..
    Now developer opens but doesnt display…wn i check backgroung running processes it shws developer is running but developer window dsnt open upfront(remains hidden like)…
    Plz ne1 can hlp me out wt dis ….

    • I don’t know what 11gi enterprise edition of SQL Developer is, but re-install SQL Developer, then start it, and then say ‘no’ to importing the settings from your previous version/install.



    I am pursuing ORACLE 11g after having 4 years of experience in operations. Am I going on the right track. Please suggest..
    What is the global demand over ORACLE 11g developers to prosper.

    Bibhu Kalyan pattnaik

    • Oracle Database based careers look to be great for next 20 years I’d wager. 11g is a good place to start. The learning never stops though.

  6. Jeff,

    I desperately a ‘Toad for Dummies’ type of book. I do not know SQL and I am trying to learn as much as possible about creating queries using the gooey in Toad.

    Can you suggest any tutorials, books, pamphets…anything at all…to help me get started?

    Thank you!

    • I wrote such a book, although it’s pretty old.

      Or you could use SQL Developer instead and read my posts here…eventually I’ll condense those into a free PDF book.

  7. hello,sir i am dev more from india.i have done oracle 10g and 9i.where will give me a job?
    and how? help can send me job and advance queri of oracle dadabase.

  8. Jon Waterhouse Reply

    Is there a way to add to the lists of key words that SQL Developer does special highlighting on?
    I’m using 3.0.04 and it highlights XMLElement but not XMLAgg.
    I had expected them to be stored in an XML file somewhere, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • We get the list of keywords from our database docs.

      I’d tell you to upgrade to v3.2.20, but I just tried XMLAgg in that version and it’s not highlighted as a keyword either.

  9. Paul Richards Reply

    What is the best data migration tool from Oracle? I am migrating and integrating complex Product Data (meta data management), and I believe in Oracle products. Since you are a db guru!, I am thinking you can advise. Examples might be SQL Developer for reverse engineering, then Oracle Data Warehouse. I have worked with 15 software languages and 10 dbms systems and types. Wondering what your take is. Open to any level of complexity needed. Data transformations are required and managing the integrations with SOA are in scope, but the focus is the migration and integration of the data with the BEST tools and methodology I can come up with. I can mention about 6, but dont want to bias you. Thanks. pjr (oops, forgot to check the EmailNotification box 🙂

    • Our primary data migration tool from 3rd party database platforms (SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, etc.) is Oracle SQL Developer.

      Where is your data coming from?

      What sort of applications will have you to migrate?

      I need more information before I can make any real recommendations.

  10. Hi Jeff Smith,
    I‘m a student who come from China.I’m learning Oracle Database.But I meet some question.I can’t solve this problem by myself.Could I post the problem to your email.But I
    don’t know your email address.Could you help me ?

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