So 2010 is the year of social media. Time’s Person of the Year was the Facebook dude, so that kind of makes it official.

I have so many identities spread across all of these communities. How do I manage them all? For now I am taking care of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I suppose those are the prime players. I say that based on the number of people using those sites. I use Facebook for sharing photos, Twitter for talking with folks, and LinkedIn for sharing my resume.

It’s tough enough keeping up with just those 3 accounts. Throw into the mix Yelp!, Untappd,, Quora, StackOverflow, internal Quest sites, my Toad sites and what you have is a total nightmare.

For now it works. If I find an outstanding restaurant, I’ll do a check-in + review on Yelp! If I find a new beer worth tracking, I’ll add it to UnTappd. I’m sure there will be another half dozen communities pop up in the next year, and I will be unable to resist joining.

And that’s really what it’s all about. My ego drives me to be included in these new sites, talking with these people that I’ve never met. But I like it, and I am not going to apologize for it.


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  1. Do you control it, or does it control you? If you can honestly answer that question (which most addicts cannot… enter DENIAL in all it’s glory), then the title of your piece has a definitive answer. What path are you on JeffS? Substitute names of traditionally abused drugs for the names of internet communitites, and see how your writing sounds. (Just messing with ya ol buddy… unless my comment made you defensive or angry. That would suggest a tendency for you to alienate yourself from anyone that gets in the way of your ‘drug’, which is another classic sign of addiction) Happy New Year !!!! (BTW, have you ever made it a resolution to limit your usage of internet communities… and failed??? Just sayin’) I’m sure you don’t have a problem… your having fun and it is for enjoyment only.. right? Just asking, because “total nightmare” isn’t exactly how most people describe their recreational opportunities. If I were a licensed professional counselor, which I am NOT,that would be $100.00 bucks big guy!!! This post was meant for you to find humorous, and possibly give you a heads up on something to watch out for… since you asked “how much is too much?”

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