Before we completely close the door on 2021, here’s a quick round-up of what you folks found interesting last year in stories and videos.

Top 10 Blog Posts

10. Announcing the Database Tools Service

In the Oracle Cloud, we now have a free service that allows OCI Devs to programmatically connect and work with any Oracle Database. We’ll store your wallets, credentials, passwords, and even create bastions for you so you can work with your private endpoints.

Let us keep this info for you, your apps and operations can simply pull the OCID details as needed.

And, we give you a SQL Worksheet native in your OCI console and additionally a SQLcl Cloud Shell plugin. 2022 will see a lot of new developments around this area.

9. Oracle SQLcl Syntax Highlighting & the Status Bar

The SQLcl editing interface got a major upgrade and facelift in 2021. This post shows off the new syntax highlighting and optional status bar features.

Whiz bang!

8. Trying out Trivadis’ Formatting Rules

Everyone’s always asking me for my ‘formatter rules,’ but I suggest you take a look at what the good folks at Trivadis make available, for free!

Looks pretty to me, what do you think?

7. 4 Options using PLSQL REF Cursors in your REST APIs

Anonymous blocks, a SELECT calling a function, a REST API module calling a stored procedure, or finally taking advantage of the AUTO PLSQL feature – you have lots of choices when constructing your REST APIs for Oracle and one of PL/SQL’s most potent weapons, the REF Cursor.

My anon block returns a REF Cursor, which ORDS turns into a JSON collection response.

6. I’m a student studying Oracle and I need a database, help!

People find their way to Oracle SQL Developer, but that’s only half the story – you need a database work with! This post gives you a few options for getting there as quickly as possible.

VirtualBox and our Oracle Database appliance, just press play!

5. Public SQL Developer Web Dashboards & Charts

This post almost went viral over on LinkedIn, I think folks really like pictures.

Charting and Dashboards were one of the bigger new features in SQL Developer Web in 2021, and I publicity shared a report you could visit to see what was possible.

My Strava data visualized with a few charts…

4. 21.2 SQL Developer/Data Modeler 21. 2 Release

Release announcements are are always near the top of the list. For SQL Developer and Data Modeler we have Summer and Winter releases, e.g. 21.2 & 21.4.

3. CI/CD with Oracle and APEX

This post highlighted one of the bigger talks Brian and I hosted in 2021. There’s slides and video here for your convenience. Brian was also generous and shared some cool code to help you get started.

Long video, but see the video details for Chapters/Jump points.

2. OS X Big Sur & SQL Developer Won’t Start – How to Fix

I spend a lot of time helping folks get up and running on their Macs with SQL Developer. This post sums up that advice. And, we made sure the App was properly signed so that Apple’s security wouldn’t put SQLDev in a ‘timeout’ security box.

Step 1: Grab Oracle JDK 11 (or 17 if you’re on M1/Monterey).

1. SQL Developer/Data Modeler 21.4 Release

This was a runaway winner, impressive considering it was only live for a couple of weeks in 2021 to rack up the views. It may have been because of our friend, log4j. Good times.

Top 3 Videos

ORDS in 5 Minutes

It’s really hard for me especially to saying anything in 5 minutes or less, but I tried. Except, it turned into 9 minutes, oops.

Like, subscribe, click that notification bell so my kids can say their dad is a real youtuber.

Database Actions/SQL Developer Web Tour

I didn’t even try to do this in 5 minutes. No, there’s waaaay too much to talk about, so it ends up at about 50 minutes. Yes, I know no one will watch more than 3-4 minutes, so I added bookmarks for you.

This isn’t even everything, just mostly everything.

+ SQL worksheet 2:45
+ Opening TABLEs (‘slider’) 11:52
+ Importing data to a new table 16:50
+ Drag and Drop tables/plsql to generate code 20:14
+ Converting a SQL statement to a Chart 22:35
+ Data Modeler and relational diagrams 25:30
+ REST API Development and Testing 28:15
+ JSON Collections & Documents 34:24
+ Charts 39:45
+ Creating Database users 41:47
+ Instance Viewer 44:07
+ Performance Hub 45:58
+ Session Browser 47:14

Celebrating 5 Years of Oracle SQlcl

This one’s pretty long as well…

0:04:47 History of CLIs for Oracle Database
0:09:34 SQLcl in a Nutshell
0:13:37 Where can I get/use SQLcl?
0:18:47 All the Commands, How do I download, install, and start it?
0:23:51 Query output formatting
0:28:28 How can I create table scripts to files (DDL/INSERTS)??
0:31:54 Using the editors
0:36:37 Status Bar
0:37:51 History
0:41:37 TAB/Code Completion
0:45:06 DESC vs INFO, vs INFO+
0:48:48 CD, DDL, CTAS, & LOAD
0:51:51 LOAD (delimited data to new or existing tables)
0:55:58 Data Pump command preview
0:58:13 JavaScript – querying BLOBs as FILES on your local filesystem
1:00:52 CD/CD & Liquibase
1:05:28 Oracle Cloud Support (OCI)
1:06:53 Alias & Repeat
1:08:58 21.4 Preview: Data Pump & Data Guard

Fun Numbers

1,000,000 pageviews and 91 new blog posts in 2021 and 1,000 blog posts since I started here…

37 product releases

1 new Oracle Cloud Service launched

2,100,000 developers helped on StackOverflow and a top 0.88% Contributor for the year

Now bothering 10,000+ of you on Twitter

7 AskTom Webinars

Search on Brian Spendolini on the Experts panel.

5 new LiveLabs – that’s pretty much All-Star Brian there…

At least 8 Oracle User Group Conferences, kinda lost track/count of those.

Ok, that’s it, Enough talking about me and what I did! Let’s look forward to all the great things you’ll be building with our tech in 2022!

My daughter and her friends had fun for New Years…

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