We have just released our final Database Tools update of the year, ORDS version 21.4!

With just a few bug fixes, an update of the Jetty library, and other miscellaneous tidbits, the real star of this release show again is, SQL Developer Web!

Running the installer, is as usual, and after the prerequ download and install (which took about 8 seconds)…

java -jar ords.war || follow the prompts, it’ll start in standalone when you’re done

I immediately then pull up SQL Developer Web for a REST enabled schema from /ords/sql-developer. You’ll see two new widgets to choose from our Launchpad/Homepage:

Scheduling and APEX Workspaces


Scheduling equates to DBMS_SCHEDULER. This feature will allow you to see what’s scheduled, what’s running, their logs, visualize scheduler chains, forecast future jobs, and more.

It’s an ongoing project, and will continue next year with screens for CREATING jobs and everything else.

A full review coming in the New Year, but quickly –

Lots and lots of reports – you can interact with these jobs using the actions button at the end of each row.

And you can make more sense out of your chains –

Click on an item to get more info.

And you can see when one or more jobs will be running over a period of time – be on the lookout for conflicts or jobs fighting for resources!

Show me over a week when these 5 jobs will be running, and probably how long they’ll take.

APEX Workspaces

See which workspaces are tied to which schemas, create and drop workspaces, get the URLs to each workspace, and quickly toggle over to the USER details for a workspace.

Anything more detailed than this, please go into the Admin console for APEX itself.

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