We built a Data Pump Interface in SQL Developer desktop many years ago. It’s time we started moving that into our web interfaces.

Just answer the questions and you’re ready to Pump!

And, you know we already built REST APIs for Data Pump, yes?

What’s new for Database Actions/SQL Developer Web 21.3

Yesterday we had our quarterly release for ORDS, and ORDS is what makes SQLDev Web possible. In my announcement post I highlighted some changes for the REST Workshop and our Charting features, but that wasn’t everything new for 21.3.

Our project to bring Data Pump to the web starts in this release.

We’re now able to:

  • see jobs – running, stopped, and finished
  • drill into logs
  • download any resulting DMP files

Obviously there’s much more to Data Pump than this – subsequent releases will introduce wizards for creating EXPORT and IMPORT jobs.

But until then, let’s review…

This is the home page or ‘Launchpad’ – click on ‘Database Actions’ in the title bar to get here.

Monitoring a job, its logs, and downloading files

Point and click, it’s pretty self-explanatory, But I have a moving picture in case you need a better description.

I’m kicking off the job from SQLDev Desktop, but we’ll catch it from anywhere.

In fact, let’s do that from a REST call to the ORDS DB-ADPI’s endpoint for Data Pump!

The Job’s created (201!) from REST call, and the monitoring screen fires up to show me what’s happening.

Once it’s finished running, I can click on the ‘hamburger’ button in the top right of the card to see my logs and DMP files.

Yes, I tweet WAY more than I exercise. Heck, I probably tweet about exercising more than I work out.

What if you have hundreds of Data Pump Jobs? Well, you could filter your jobs, but even then the Cards visual display might be hard to parse. You can always toggle to the Grid view –

Cards or grids, your choice.

These grids have TONS of features. You can hide or re-order the columns. You can sort. But, more importantly, you can also EXPORT.

So if I want a {json} view of the report, just right-click.

A standard SQLDev Web ‘Grid’ feature.

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