Disclaimer: I realize mixing these two topics might be problematic, or even offensive for some readers. I’m posting this as a fun, personal project.

The vast majority of my ORDS/REST content is non-alcoholic, and I do recommend all of my followers to drink responsibly.

Slides, slides, and more slides!

These APIs were built using the following:

I’ve downloaded my Untappd content as CSV. I can do this, because I’m a ‘supporter.’

I’ve created a table and inserted said data.

I then create a bunch of REST APIs against this data.

These slides demonstrate some of the cool things you can do with our tech and your data.

Looking for more ways to use your data to learn SQL?

I’ve put together a lot of posts and examples using some social and media platforms.

More fun examples, using your own data to learn SQL, build REST APIs, etc.

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  1. Robert Chalton Reply

    The uploading of spreadsheet data is one of my favourite capabilities of SQLDeveloper and APEX.
    Would be nice if you could bring some normalization into the process. For example, when reviewing the layout, have an option for each column to identify as a lookup, and then for each lookup decide the id method and table name, and populate with unique values from the cell, replacing cell content with the FK.

    • We have that, right-click on the table after you’ve imported it, and say Column > Normalize.

      We’ll build a child table/look-up scenario in your schema for you.

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