Database Actions is the technology formerly known as Prin, erm…SQL Developer Web.

In the Administrator panel, you have the ability to manage your database USERs. You can create and edit them – lock them, change their passwords, grant them roles, and now – ASSIGN QUOTA for their DEFAULT TABLESPACE.

In Oracle Autonomous, there is only one TABLESPACE (DATA) for users to store their segments. Yes, you can still partition things, but we handle under the covers where that data goes (DOCS).

When ORDS 21.1 is released for on-premises, you’ll see this feature for any Oracle Database you have configured with Database Actions. Today, the tablespace quota widget is exclusively available in Oracle Autonomous instances.

Going forward, user management will continue to be enhanced, simpler AND more powerful, stay tuned!

Creating a USER and Assigning Storage Quota

This button does exactly what it sounds like.

Hitting the Create User button will open a slider from the right side of your screen – fill out the required user information.

See anything different – the ‘Quota on tablespace DATA’ widget is brand new.

We find out what the DEFAULT TABLESPACE is for users in your database instance, and present the Quota dropdown.

Not sure what to input? We give you a few options out of the box.

UNLIMITED is exactly what it sounds like. Don’t grant this and get mad when you get your bill.

And if you get cute, or you accidentally mess something up.

Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, or Exa BYTES those are your choices. That’s a LOT of rows in EMPLOYEES.

User Created, Let’s take a Look at their Quota

In the SQL worksheet, digging around the data dictionary, we see –

I ultimately went with 500M, that’s stored in the database as BYTES, you can do the maths.

How do I get there, again?

Click the ‘Hamburger button’ – or click on Database Actions to go to the home screen.

The Home screen – what you see here will depend on the database roles you’ve been granted. ADMIN (in Autonomous) should see everything by default.

We were just tooling around in the Administration – Database Users card.

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