We have a LOT of product managers here at Oracle on the Database team. The diversity of a group of our size, means you’ll find many different types of styles and personalities.

I thought today I’d highlight a few folks who like to write on-line or blog. When you have a question about XYZ, one of the best ways to get an official answer, outside of support, is to look up your friendly neighborhood Oracle product manager.

In no specific order, although I did put Pieter first on purpose, because he’s still the ‘new guy’…before I let you go, some homework for you:

Leave these folks a comment! Tell them what you love about their product space and what we can do to better serve you as customers. We LOVE customer feedback.

Jeff said this, just now.

Data Guard, Pieter Van Puymbroeck, https://vanpupi.stepi.net/

Pieter is one of our newer PMs, but he’s been a valued member of the Oracle community for many years. A bonus for our European customers, he’s based in Belgium so he’s friendly to your timezone and local events/conferences.


Database Upgrades, Mike Dietrich, https://mikedietrichde.com

Mike is also based in Europe, and he blogs almost as much as he travels to help our customers get up to date with their database software.


Spatial & Graph, Jean Ihm, https://blogs.oracle.com/author/jean-ihm

Jean is an East-Coaster like me, and can make your life much easier when it comes to working with Geo/Spatial data.


Compression, Gregg Christman, https://blogs.oracle.com/author/gregg-christman

You’ll frequently find Gregg on the Conference circuit as well, in fact, that’s about the only time I run into him!


Oracle XE, Gerald Venzl, https://geraldonit.com

Gerald does much more than XE, he’s also our main person for developer relations – you’ll see him spending lots of time making sure our Code events are a success plus doing a lot of things to make Docker, GitHub play nice with the database as well.


All things Autonomous & Performance, Maria Coglan, https://sqlmaria.com

I hate to pigeon-hole Maria, but she’s well known for being an expert on the Optimizer, In-Memory, SQL tuning optimization, and really anyting related to performance in the database. But she’s also got a handle on ALL major components of the database, and is now also concentrating on the Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Cloud Service.


Drivers & APIs, Chris Jones, https://blogs.oracle.com/author/christopher-jones

OCI, Node.js, Go, PHP, Python…he’s your go-to guy. And he blogs, A LOT. Great resource, even if he’s all the way down in Australia 😉


Exadata Cloud Services/DBCS on OCI, Brian Spendolini,

If it’s Exadata outside an X-Something you bought and own on prem, Brian’s your guy. He also is a great bridge between OCI (the Cloud variety) and Oracle Database Services (DBCS).


Autonomous Data Warehouse & Analytics, Keith Laker,


Database, Dom Giles, http://www.dominicgiles.com/blog/blog.html

Dom has his hands on everything, but when not on a tennis racket, they’re likely around some Java or python bits…and of course he’s very well known for Swingbench – not an Oracle product, but a tool any Oracle DB performance gear head will want to be using.


Exadata, Gurmeet Goindi,https://blogs.oracle.com/author/gurmeet-goindi

There are several Exadata PMs, but Gurmeet oversees the entire product line, and he’s the one you’re most likely to find on the conference circuit, visiting customers, and of course..blogging.

How nice is Gurmeet? He tried to upgrade my seat to Biz Class on our last mutual trip, but alas the travel gods dev-rejected him.


Spoiler Alert: one of the coolest bits of 19c on Exadata is the inclusion of our Automatic Indexing feature (also to be found on Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Serivce when it launches later this year).

RAC, Anil Nair, https://www.linkedin.com/in/anil-nair-01960b6/detail/recent-activity/posts/

Anil blogs over on LinkedIn, be sure to ‘Follow’ him there.


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