Question: Why is my DBMS_OUTPUT code highlighted like it’s a COMMENT now?

Answer: Because someone requested this change.

The idea: INSTRUMENTATION code can be a distraction when you’re looking to go through your application code. So, why not an option to have it colored differently so your eyes can key in on the important bits of your code?

This is controlled in the preferences.

The Rule name is PlSqlCustom2.

We could remove that bit of code where DBMS_OUTPUT is mentioned…OR we can go into the Syntax Colors page and scroll to the PlSqlCustom2 rule.

I’ve changed mine to Pink, but the out of the box setting is gray.

What is ‘Logger?’

Logger is a PL/SQL logging and debugging framework. The goal of logger is to be as simple as possible to install and use.

It kind of looks like this…

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  1. Are we limited to 3 rules?

    I have a lot more than 3 things I’d like to custom highlight.

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