In two previous posts, I have:

Today, I want to show you our CREATE and EDIT TABLE dialogs.

While I aim for 10 minute videos, I had to go into overtime, and came out at 13 minutes. But as a bonus, you get to see me think in real time as I cocktail-napkin-style ‘design’ my table.

But before I show the video, some people have been asking –

Where can I get and use SQL Developer Web!?!

The answer is of course, in the Oracle Cloud! Sign up for one of our DBaaS subscriptions. In the future: we will be adding this interface for many of our other database-centric services AND we will be making this available for on our on-premises Oracle Database customers (via ORDS.) So, stay tuned for more news in this space.

In other, shorter words, “SQL Developer Web is Cloud-First, not Cloud-Only.” — insert legalese and disclaimers here.

The Demo!

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