We are now live in the Oracle Cloud with Oracle SQL Developer Web.

Wait, what’s SQL Developer Web?

It’s a browser based version of Oracle SQL Developer powered by Oracle REST Data Services.

If you are a Database Cloud Service customer in the Oracle Cloud, it’s rolling out now to those subscribers.

If you’d like to know more and see a quick demo, I made you a video 🙂


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  1. Paul Harvey Reply

    Hi Jeff,
    Just want to clarify… Can this browser based version of SQL Developer Web be used with SaaS Fusion Cloud ERP?
    If so, are there special setups/privileges required.

    Thank you,

    • Theoretically, it will work for any Oracle Database – but it has to be installed by the database administrator. So end of day, it’s up to the Fusion Cloud ERP team.

  2. Xiaowei Cao Reply

    Does the web version have more features than SQL developer desktop version?

    For example I did not see the question mark ? for help about documentation in SQL worksheet in desktop version?

    • In a desktop application, you can simply hit F1 for context sensitive help.

      If you do that in your browser, you get the help for your browser.

  3. Chris Short Reply

    Hi Jeff – any update on on-prem availability? Is there a timeline you can share?

  4. Jury Grzibovsky Reply

    I’m not like this tool, because all this depend from network connection. If connection brokes, than you cannot continue to work.

    • Kind of in a bad place if the network breaks, no matter that tool or interface you’re using.

    • And actually if your session, borks, we auto save/restore your work, so no worries.

      We still have the desktop and CLI interfaces.

    • Jared Still

      I suspect what Jury is referring to is losing the connection to a server during critical work.
      Typically anything that cannot be interrupted is run from screen or something similar, so that the job continues even if the network connection to session is lost, but can be re-connected to without any loss of work.

    • The connection is only there for each request/query/script you run. We make the connection, do the work, and then close the connection.

      By connection I mean – your connection to the database. Not the Web connection you have going to run the SQL Developer Web app itself. It’s this very nature of SQL*Net connections over the web that is one of the primary appeals of SQL Developer – that problem goes away.

      And even if your web connection breaks, when you come back, we’ll recover any unsaved Code/Work in the worksheet itself.

  5. Jeff,

    Can i download SQL*Developer web for on-premise ?

    We are not a Database Cloud Service customer. We only have databases on-premise.

    Right now, our developers use SQL*Developer on their desktops to connect to various on-premise Oracle databases.

    Can we setup SQL*Developer web on-premise in our case ?

    Hope to hear from you.

  6. How to launch this sql developer web browser.

    What is the url of this.


    • if there’s an Oracle Database under that offering, if they hook up ORDS, and IF they decide to give their SaaS consumers access to the database, then theoretically, YES. There are some Services in that space going in that direction.

  7. David Grimberg Reply

    Is this going to get rolled into the APEX development environment?

    • We’re working with them to make the tech avail to replace/slide in for the existing sql worksheet they have, but its not scheduled for a release yet.

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