Missed out on KScope17 this week, or were there, but missed out on my talks?

Have no fear – you can now catch up on the 3 Oracle SQL Developer features that you should be using, but probably aren’t.

I tried my best not to get preachy in this talk, but I must admit it’s still a bit preachy.

Polling the audience, I found that only half had ever looked at or used reports, so I did my best to cajole folks into giving these features another chance (or maybe event a first.)

If you want some blog posts on these features, assuming my slides SOLD you on the benefits, here’s some fun homework for you:

Speaking of conferences…

Oracle Open World 2017 Content is Out!

Colm and I will be talking all things SQLDev and REST.

We’ll have hands on labs and demo pods as well, of course!

But you can find many more customer led talks that cover both ORDS and SQL Developer – just use the search feature.


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