How many Oracle databases do you work with on a regular basis? I’m guessing the answer for most of you lies between 1 and 500. This post is really geared for those of you who deal with more than just a handful (5) of database connections.

Filters are nice when you need to work with a subset of table data, or even a list of tables. So why wouldn’t they be just as useful for organizing your connections? Here’s my complete list of databases:

Now this isn’t an overly large connection list. But when I need to fire up an impromptu demo for a customer, it’s very nice to be able to drill down into JUST those ‘safe’ environments. This actually saves me a few seconds every time I need to connect to one of my databases. So while it’s a very simple feature, it’s one of those things that I recommend EVERYONE take advantage of as it will save them hours of time over the long haul.

This also helps me from making mistakes in ‘production’ environments!

How to Add a Connection Folder

Select a connection you want to organize. Mouse-right-click, and choose ‘Add to folder.’ You can throw it into a new container or an existing one. Lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary.

Special thanks to @dresendi for today’s topic! He asked how to do this and I realized I hadn’t blogged the topic yet πŸ™‚

New for version 18.3 – Nested Folder Support!

You can now have folders for the DBA panel, and you can have NESTED folders in either the connections or DBA panels. More info here.

2 levels deep, but you can go deeper.


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  1. When exporting the connections, there is no easy way to find all connections within the folder to get exported.

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