I try to keep my fonts ‘big’ – for folks reading my posts and for folks attending my sessions. I do lots and lots of live demo’s, and there’s a lot of code on the screen to keep track of.

But I’ve generally not followed my own advice when working in a cmd shell.


Fixed for next week, when I’ll be doing lots of live demo of our new favorite command line interface to Oracle Database.

36 might be a bit excessive...
36 might be a bit excessive…

Now you can clearly see my emojis 🙂

And Don’t Forget to Zoom!

I use ZoomIt on Windows. And I don’t use a Mac for live demo because it doesn’t support ZoomIt. Boo, hiss

P.S. A bonus side effect, if you can’t fit as much text on your screen, you might start asking for less data. That’s a win for both your eyes and your database.


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