The team just got back from another Oracle User Group Conference, or I should say THE conference.

I know most of you don’t get to go to conferences. Or have nice computers. Or use foreign keys. Or have nice things.


One thing you do get to have today, is the same popular Oracle SQL Developer features demonstrated to you, right now.

These are things that people ask me to demonstrate to them, the most.

And if you see me at a conference or anywhere else I might have my work computer, I’ll be happy to show it to you live.


Screenshots are fine, but here’s a 2 minute video. No voice, just text annotations.

What’s New?

This changes every conference, but for now, here’s a couple of things to check out.

View – DBA – Database Status – Instance Viewer

This is COOL :)
This is COOL 🙂

SQLcl: using the new ‘repeat’ command to tail the alert log over a given time frame.

A half-second refresh, for 100 iterations, so this would run for 50 seconds. I think.
A half-second refresh, for 100 iterations, so this would run for 50 seconds. I think.

Show me how to reverse engineer a database to a data model.

Easy to do, once you know how :)
Here’s one way, maybe the quickest if you don’t already have a design open.

If you want to see more…

Come to the next conference.

In 2016, looks like possibly we’ll be at:

  • RMOUG, Denver February
  • Hotsos, Dallas March
  • DC/NOVA, March
  • GLOC, Cleveland May
  • KScope, Chicago June

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  1. Rodolfo Luthe Reply

    Hy, thanks for all the demos and help at THE CONFERENCE, looking at my new SQLdeveloper 4.1, I don’t have the eye candy DB instance graphs
    Can you please share it?

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