Around 60 of us Oracle folks showed up this morning to take a little run across the Golden Gate Bridge. It took effort to get out, effort to run, and a lot effort to jump for 30 or 40 pictures – thanks Yury!

The mission: to have fun!
The mission: to have fun!

The Database tools team showed up in force – 4 of us SQL Developer types and more than a few of the Oracle APEX developers came out to support the event. We like to hang out with our end users and the community, especially if they are not chasing us 🙂

Many more wanted to attend, but weren’t able to as the conference has already started! For next year I will try to poll to see if we can’t find a better time, but I fear it is an impossible task to fine a time that would work for everyone.

Anyways, it meant so very much to see everyone come out, have some fun, and of course pick up their sweet new t-shirt…

Barry, Ashley, Kris, and I
Barry, Ashley, Kris, and I

And a tip to start the week with…

In version 4.0, in case you haven’t already noticed, you can drag and drop your editor pages to re-arrange their order – just like with your we browser.

So if you want that open table to appear first, just drag it’s editor tab over to the far left – when you see it ‘draw’ the dock space, then you can do the ‘drop’ action to dock it in the new location.


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