Think the NHL or PGA seasons are brutally long? Try keeping up with all of the SQL Server and Oracle events. The friendly folks in Denver, CO tend get the conference ball rolling with the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group (RMOUG) Training Days event.

I had the pleasure to attend a couple of years ago and catch some skiing with my wife. Every conference doesn’t turn into a vacation, but I try!

The 2011 calendar is quickly filling up:

  • Albany, NY Toad User Group, March 7’ish
  • SunGard SUMMIT, March 20-22, New Orleans
  • IOUG’s Collaborate 2011, April 10-14, Orlando, FL
  • ODTUG Kscope11, June 26-30, Long Beach, CA
  • Quest will have at least two more Toad User Groups in Huntsville, AL and Reston, VA. And if I can swing it, I’ll make an appearance at the SOUG for Chet aka @oraclenerd.

    If you see me at one of these events and I am complaining about the travel and the standing and the talking, fell free to call shenanigans on me. I love every minute of it.

    If you have the ability to attend these events, I have some advice on how to get more bang for your buck.


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