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On Installs and Updates of SQL Developer

As we get nearer to releasing our next update for Oracle SQL Developer, there are a few FAQ’s I’d like to answer. When IS version 4.1 going to be available? Soon. Will there be a Windows download available that includes a JDK? Yes, there will be a 64-bit bundle available. Why are you making us […]

Setting Up Oracle SQL Developer on a Mac

My work machine is a Dell laptop running Windows 7. My home machine is a MacBook Air running OS X Yosemite. 98% (made up number) of the posts on this site were written using my Windows machine. But now that I’ve discovered that my SnagIt license is also valid on my Mac, I’m trying to […]

Install Oracle SQL Developer on OS X (Mountain Lion)

One of the great benefits to having an application developed on the Java platform is the ability to run it on many different operating systems. While Windows may still be the corporate standard in more shops than not, geeks worldwide know that Apple’s hardware and OS (OS X) are ‘superior.’ With yesterday’s release of Mountain […]

Getting started with SQL Developer in less than 5 minutes

It’s easy to forget that many people still have not discovered SQL Developer, or are just getting started. Many of my recent posts have been on advanced topics, hidden tricks, and productivity tips. I want to spend some time in the next few weeks helping the beginners out there. I can’t think of a better […]

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