Late yesterday we released version 22.1.1 of Oracle REST Data Services. We picked up a new version of Jetty (for Standalone) and fixed a few bugs.

One of those was critical –

34092368 ORDS: OutOfMemoryError can occur when starting in standalone mode

This could present itself in a couple of different ways (fun Java error messages), but it was basically grabbing between 1-3 GB of RAM to get ORDS going in Standalone. That’s FIXED in this update.

Now, that being said, I had 22.1 going already. And now I’m ready to get 22.1.1.


Haven’t done an ORDS install since 22.1 came out? Everything’s new/different/better. Please go catch up here, and then come back if you want to see what an upgrade looks like.

The old way, prior to version 22.1

  • download the zip, extract
  • java -jar ords.war
  • you would be prompted for the configdir
  • ORDS would see your defined Pools, and then go do an upgrade

The new way, 22.1 and higher

  • download the zip, extract
  • run the ‘install’ command
  • follow the prompts to do your upgrade

Let’s see what that looks like exactly. In my configuration, I have two pools:

  • default (first database)
  • orcl (second database)
ords --config /path/to/config install
I’m not adding any new pools, I just want to upgrade ORDS in my existing databases.

This option says, let’s go look at ORDS_METADATA and upgrade it if necessary.

But, I have two pools…

So I need to pick 1 or 2.

I’m going to upgrade both pools, so I’ll run this scenario twice.

Ok, we’re ready to go-go-go!

Starting ORDS

We use the ‘serve’ command, and either include the config on the CLI, or have the appropriate ENV variable set so ORDS can find its configuration folders.

ords --config /path/to/config serve

With ORDS running, I can launch SQL Developer Web and see that’s it’s running 22.2.1. now.


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    can’t start when
    ExecStart=/usr/bin/bash -c ‘/etc/init.d/ords start’
    but no problem with
    ExecStart=/usr/bin/bash -lc “/opt/ords/bin/ords –config /etc/ords/config serve”

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