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Client Side Filtering in the Grids

Just what it sounds like – you ask to see LESS data in a grid, and we don’t re-query the database. Instead, we filter only on the client-side. This means it’s FAST. No asking the database to run the query again. This also means you might not be getting the WHOLE truth, or the latest […]

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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 21: Executing Multiple Statements to Multiple Data Grids

Impatient? Want to run a query, then run another – getting both sets of results to a data grid? Don’t mind leaving cursors open? These are serious questions. But if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to try this out. Select multiple queries Execute Or, if you prefer to watch the movie… Did you notice that […]

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SQL Developer Query & Grid Tricks

It helps to know the developers. They can tell you things that are not documented in the help or release notes. They mostly don’t hide things on purpose, mostly. They often build things into the application to aid themselves, but usually it’s for the end user’s benefit. @krisrice sent me over a few nuggets to […]

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Stupid Copy & Paste Tricks

The Late Show with David Letterman used to have a bit called, ‘Stupid Pet Tricks.’ I quit watching because I prefer his Scottish and funnier future-replacement, Craig Ferguson. But I will take advantage of some Google-Fu to drive some traffic to ye olde blog (can you tell I’m in the UK this week?) So most […]

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SQL Developer Quick Tip: Filtering your Data Grids

Regardless of your role or responsibility, if you work in the database, you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at data. This is usually what will push someone from the command-line to a GUI – the spreadsheet look and feel for browsing tables or query results. Since you’re going to be spending so […]

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